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Latest News

This section includes all of the latest news and updates in the case of James Harry Reyos. Please keep returning to this page, as developments will be reported as soon as they occur.


March 2013

James is adapting well to his regained freedom. He is on parole and so his murder conviction still stands. He is determined to clear his name and be granted a Full Pardon on the Grounds of INNOCENCE.


July 2012

We are very pleased to announce that James will be released on parole this month. His projected release date is 17 July. The fight to clear James’ name of the wrongful charge of murder will continue, however. We look forward to James’ release so that we can once again work closely with him, having regular contact, to help end this miscarriage of justice.


November 2011

James remains in prison with parole refused. The campaign continues nonetheless as the 30th anniversary of the murder of Father Patrick Ryan approaches.


January 2011

James’ case is currently being looked into by the Wesleyan Innocence Project. Our thanks go to the project for their interest in this miscarriage of justice. James is in good sprits as we enter 2011 and he is hopeful that this year will see him move closer towards justice. He will be having his case put forward for parole consideration n June. Let us all hope that he is granted parole.


February 2010

The campaign to free James Harry Reyos continues. James is in need of legal representation. If you can assist in finding James a good lawyer please get in touch.


October 2009

Justice for James Harry Reyos apologises for not updating this site until now. This is due to the fact that James has had his parole revoked and is now back in prison. This has led to difficulties in communication.


However, the campaign continues. We will campaign to free James and campaign to clear his name once and for all. As part of the growing campaign, a Facebook group has been set up:




21 December 2007

On the 26th anniversary of the murder of Father Patrick Ryan, James’ supporters in the USA and Great Britain are renewing their appeals for information on the identity of the man responsible for the death of Patrick Ryan. We are renewing our calls for justice for James and hope that the police will waste no time in reopening the murder investigation upon James’ exoneration. We would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and interest in this miscarriage of justice.



11 June 2006

James is currently trying to have his monitoring device removed so that can live a more worthwhile life. The monitoring device is a bulky device attached permanently to his waist to ensure he does not breach his parole conditions. James is a model citizen and wants to get on with his life. Having such a bulky item round his waist limits the things he can do. Quotes from letters of support for this action are included at the bottom of the ‘Supporters’ page of this site.


1 March 2006

As James gets closer to justice four more quotes from supporters have been added to the ‘Supporters’ page of this site. The quotes include one from James’ defense attorney at trial saying of all the cases he has worked on the one conviction he is absolutely certain was wrong, was that of James Harry Reyos.


20 February 2006

The March edition of the magazine Master Detective features a letter written by S C Lomax highlighting James’ case in light of the execution of Frances Newton. It urges readers to visit this website and, if they believe James could be innocent, to write to Governor Rick Perry.


16 January 2006

Today is the day given in commemoration of the civil rights activist Dr Martin Luther King. Amongst Dr King’s many words of wisdom can be found the phrase ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’


It is ironic that on this day, when we are asked to remember the teachings of this remarkable man, that a great injustice is being perpetrated in Texas, USA. Due to the fact that a public holiday is given to celebrate Dr King’s life, all of those on parole are forced to be incarcerated (parolees are not allowed outdoors on public holidays in the USA). James Harry Reyos is today locked away in his own home. And this, on a day devoted to a man who campaigned for the rights and freedoms of everyone.


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Injustice in Texas is a threat to justice across the world.


Please help spread the word of this terrible injustice.


Thank you.


14 December 2005

I have today received news from James. He is “happy and excited” with developments occurring in his case. A hearing has yet to take place but he is greatly encouraged by even more support and more legal developments which we strongly believe will ensure the only acceptable action is made by Governor Perry, that a Full Pardon on the Grounds of INNOCENCE be granted to James Harry Reyos. We will keep you up to date on any developments as they occur. We believe we are getting closer to justice.


Thank you very much for your ongoing interest and support in this case.


18 November 2005

18 November 2005 will mark the twenty third year anniversary of the arrest of James Harry Reyos. We urge you to please contact your local State Representatives and ask them to call for justice. Please pass on the address of this website to them and anyone you feel may be interested in this case. We appreciate all efforts to end this injustice. Thank you.


11 November 2005

This website has recently had extensive amounts of new information added to it. This is particularly the case with regards to the ‘Supporters’ page. Transcripts of trial testimony have been added to ‘The Evidence’ page. Please do take a look and keep returning over the coming days and weeks as more and more information is added in preparation for James’ hearing which is due to take place later this month or early in December.


We have added a newspaper article printed in August in the evening Herald (an Irish newspaper). The article is supportive of James’ quest for justice. To view the article please click


October 2005

We would like to thank all of those who have visited this website since its creation in August this year and for the many supportive comments written in the guestbook. Please keep these messages of support coming and continue to spread the message about this terrible miscarriage of justice. We are truly grateful for all the help and encouragement so far received. Thank you.

On 15 October there will be a meeting in Manchester, Great Britain, to mark National Miscarriage of Justice Day. Although James lives in the USA, and was convicted in that country, information about his case will be presented to those attending the meeting. You can view a leaflet that will be distributed by clicking here.

On 25 October a report was published in Ireland in which it was revealed that twenty Catholic priests had sexually assaulted children between 1966 and 2002. Father Patrick Ryan, a homosexual priest from Ireland, sexually assaulted James. At his trial James and a second victim of Father Ryan claimed to have been assaulted and were accused of being liars. In 1983 people did not like to believe that Roman Catholic priests were capable of such wicked acts. James’ accusations acted against him and made people believe he was evil, because no decent member of society would suggest a priest was capable of such a thing.

September 2005

James is expecting his case to be presented to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles in November or December this year. He is encouraged by new information that has been uncovered recently to his defence team. This evidence is believed to considerably contribute to what was already a compelling argument; that James Harry Reyos is totally INNOCENT of the murder of Father Patrick Ryan.

As said, James has been encouraged by this latest development but he is keeping a level head. He has recently begun working, which means his time on the Internet is even more limited than previously. We therefore apologise if you wish to send him an e-mail and do not receive a quick personal response. However, James does read all emails and will respond wherever possible.