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A Statement From James Harry Reyos


ďI believe that I am reaching a point where justice will finally prevail, after nearly twenty three years. I have composed a three-page letter to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. I am hoping that they review the letter with an open mind and make a positive decision to the Governor of Texas concerning the Pardon Petition that is currently on his desk. I hope that Governor Rick Perry will sign my Pardon Petition. He must, in order for justice to prevail. While I am being punished for this brutal crime, the real killer is still free. When is this injustice going to end? I continue to fight this injustice because I know in my heart I am truly innocent. I did not kill Father Patrick Ryan!Ē


The following comes from a letter, written by James Harry Reyos, which appeared in the Austin Chronicle on 24 June 2005:


ĎI humbly appeal to you, Gov. Perry, to intervene and help bring my wrongful conviction to an end.

†††† Donít give me the deaf ear, governor!

†††† Donít ignore my cry of innocence, governor!

†††† Donít ignore my call for justice, governor!

†††† Donít allow my wrongful conviction to linger on and on and on, governor!

†††† One thing is for certain, and has been proven to be true: I did not kill Father Patrick Ryan. I was innocent yesterday! I am innocent today! And, I will be innocent in perpetuity!